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Floor Plans Part 2

Due Wed April 1st.

Site Model Complete – Group Effort.

Hotel Room Research !!! Printed!!!

Hotel Room Floor Plan Updates based on red lines.  Use Precedents to support your ideas.  Re-Print at the following scales.

Standard Rm. and Deluxe Rm. – 1/4″ = 1′

Composite Floor Plan – 1/8″ = 1′

> Produce iterations of parts of your plans, instead of starting over each time.

> Add furniture to your plans for scale.  Start adding openings such as doors and windows (CAD is good here. Block objects).

> You should now have a good start to figuring our your core and fire stairs.

> Add firewall if necessary.

> Begin production of 3D axons of your plans.  These should not have a roof and can also be sectional studies.

> Elevator – Be sure that your elevator is not more detailed than your plans.

> Ramps – 1:12 slope

> Ground floor plan must show context and thinking about stair to the Riverwalk.

CAD block sites and furniture sites – 

Flying Architecture 

CAD Furniture

Specht Harpman – Manhattan Micro Loft


+ Rhino Model_ You need to continue developing you digital models.  It is of great importance that you have a good digital model.  A good digital model will help you have good drawings.  As you can take all drawings for the final presentation from the model.  Your physical model will also be taken from the digital model.


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