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Assignment 6

+ Update, complete, and add detail to your site plans of Broadway St.

+ Construct a 3D Rhino model of Broadway St.

Use your site plans as your guide.  Be accurate and thorough with your modeling.

Construct a birdseye view of the model using the Make2D command.

+ Finish the street elevation of Broadway that was started earlier in the semester.

Include cars, trees, and people.

+ Re-Construct your narrative statements.

Focus on the user, and how your design and process accepts the bicycle and the rider.

Discuss the accessibility of the site.

Be thorough in your explanation of your design and implementation of your Micro Hub Station.

+ CD of Files

Burn a CD of all of your final files that were made for the midterm review, and all other important documents produced to date.

+ Wednesday we will have a Photo day.

We will go outside and you will be trained on how to photograph a model.

Bring your digital cameras.

We will also photograph your diagram models.  (These models can also be photocopied).


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