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The Studio will heavily focus and examine the idea of  Stations.  Stations that embed information as an input or output point along a communication system.  A type of headquarters if you will that centers focus on education and adaptability.  Educating the users and occupants of the sites by changing the moods and how they operate in the day to day.

This Studio will also examine the Human Body and its relationship to the “Urban” and the “Remote”.  The Studio will analyze data from the human body, urban body, and remote body, as a connected whole.  The Studio will be an investigation of how the human body responds differently to each condition that it is being subjected to.  The city and the remote are like bodies in that they move, change, evolve repeat, and cycle.

For Example:  What does body weight, heart rate, calorie intake mean when related to weather, topography, and landscape?

The idea of the Studio will be to understand what the external conditions are, in relationship to architecture, when looking at the interaction between the space and dweller, space and context, space and object, and the development of a program.  The development of a process is crucial, and will be carried out in phases on two different projects that involve the urban and the remote.

+ Projects :

Phase 1 : Bike Station (7 weeks)
Phase 2 : Visitor Center/Look Out Station (7 weeks)

The 2 Phases will be carried out in stages. :

Context/site _ mapping site, context, and objects.
Research _ Bike Data in relation to body, Site, Program
Spatial Sequences/movement _ movement diagramming
Program _ interaction between space and occupants

+ Sites :
Phase 1 : Lubbock, TX
Phase 2 : Palo Duro Canyon, TX


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